5 Reasons To Love About Sephora’s Wonderful Cushion

Not too long ago, Sephora introduced to us their very own version of the cushion compact called Wonderful Cushion. Prior to this, the only type of cushion we knew about were the ones that strewn on our sofas, so when we learned that there’s a cushion foundation we was intrigued and decided to get my hands on one.

Shopping at Sephora can sometimes get a little overwhelming as there are so many brands under one house and it’s even easy to forget that Sephora has some pretty decent products to offer.

After trying the Wonderful Cushion out, here are some of the things that we simply love about this compact cushion:

  1. It’s not cakey – One of the things many things we dislike most about foundation is that a lot of them can get very cakey, which is gross if you’re living in a humid country like Malaysia.
  2. It’s buildable – The Wonderful Cushion is extremely lightweight, it almost feels like you’re not wearing makeup at all but if you wanted a fuller coverage, then you can easily dab on more onto your face.
  3. It’s dewy – Not too dewy that your face ends up looking like a greasy frying pan but just a light glow that will make you look like you’re shining from within.
  4. It’s super affordable – Probably one of the many things we love about this cushion foundation is the fact that it comes with a very reasonable price tag.
  5. It comes in many shades – Available in six shades, the Wonderful Cushion is not restricted only to those with fair skin. Everyone can have beautiful coverage all day long with the cushion foundation by Sephora.

So, if you’re asking whether the Wonderful Cushion is worth the splurge, our answer is a simple yes. The perfect compact to have in your handbag and cosmetic collection!

Purchase it from any Sephora outlet nationwide for RM105 or online at their website.

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