5 Fitness Joints You Need To Check Out

For some people, the gym is the their sanctuary. A place where they go to wind down through working up a sweat. For others, the gym may be a daunting place that’s not really worth a yearly contract. If you’re one of the people in the latter group, we have suggestions on how you can get fit with some added fun that will be worth every penny. Get rid of your excuses and get fit at these fitness center below:

Image: Flycle
Image: Flycle

Spinning classes seem to be getting a pretty good rep, and when Flycycle opened up, everyone was interested to sign up. At Flycycle, you can expect to strengthen your body, tone your core and burn major calories by immersing yourself into a 45-minute full body workout. What’s fun about it? Flycycle creates their own soundtrack and choreography that helps you ride to the beat while getting fit!

Visit flycyle.my for more details.

Image: Life Hot Yoga
Image: Life Hot Yoga

If you’re looking for something more chilled out but at the same time will help you lose weight, relax and de-stress, you may wanna give Life Hot Yoga a go. Performed in a heated room with a temperature that ranges from 38 to 40 degree celsius, you can tone your body while reconnecting with yourself.

Beginners’ classes are available which are the Hot 26, Hot 50 and Hot Yin and for more advance workouts there are Hot Vinyasa, Hot Detox Flow and Hot Core yoga classes.

Oh, we should warn you: expect to sweat A LOT!

Visit lifehotyoga.com.my for more details.

Image: Bobbi's Pole Studio
Image: Bobbi’s Pole Studio

Get ready to get fit and sexy at Bobbi’s Pole Studio. With pole-dancing classes, participants can expect a pretty intense full body workout. Hey, nobody ever said looking good came easy! The cardio part of the workout will help you shed unwanted weight and of course, improve your overall flexibility. Constant training will also strengthen and tone the entire body.

Bobbi’s Pole Studio classes are open to all types of students – beginners to advanced. Their classes go on for 8 weeks, which consists of a weekly one hour session.

Visit bobbispolestudio.com.my for more details.

Image: Cross Muay Thai
Image: Cross Muay Thai

Something for the little fighter in you, Cross Muay Thai helps those looking to build muscles, strength and get well-versed in martial arts. At Cross Muay Thai, there are different workouts available to suit your needs and ability. The high-intensity training provided has been said to be the fastest way to burn unwanted fat. The semi-outdoor setting makes it a great place to workout thanks to access of natural airflow! Instructors at Cross Muay Thai are all world-accredited and certified by the World Muay Thai Council.

Visit crossmuaythai.com for more details.

Image: Fuel Athletics Instagram
Image: Fuel Athletics Instagram

Ever heard of Crossfit? If you haven’t, you should know that it’s all the craze at the moment even though it’s been around for a while now. Focusing on various techniques that include influences from gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting, at Fuel Athletics you can expect to do more within an hour in the Crossfit box than you would at a gym. With coaches that are encouraging and workouts that pushes your body to its fullest ability, Fuel Athletics is THE place to be, even if you’re a beginner at fitness.

Fuel Athletics offers two types of classes: Fuel Prime – a fully structured training program to assist in building strength and fitness level. Triple B is a class dedicated to women only that help to set your goals according to your abilities.

Visit fuelathletics.com.my for more details.


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