The Reverse Collection: A Collaboration Between Jean Paul Gaultier and Swarovski

Partnering up with renowned fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier, Swarovski unveiled their latest range: The Reverse Collection. After the success of Atelier Swarovski for Spring/Summer 2016, the brand is back with the fashion designer for a second collection that’s sure to be just as successful, if not more.

Taking cue from the first collection that revolves around innovative and modern shapes, the latest range offers new colourways, finishes and styles. The unique crystal design takes inspiration from the power of perfect imperfection and boasts a unique crystal cut called Kaputt – which means broken in German –designed by Jean Paul Gaultier himself.

If you love to add a touch of bling that’s both casual and glamourous, this collection is the perfect one for you.


The Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Reverse’ Collections from Atelier Swarovski are now available in all Swarovski stores, independent retailers and online at

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