EDITOR’S PICK: Dior Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask

Listen up, skincare lovers! Here at Buffer Daily, we take skincare routines very seriously, which is why we want to share the latest mask you simply must have.

Introducing the Jelly Sleeping Mask from the Hydra Life range by Dior. If you’re not too familiar about sleeping masks, they’re usually applied before you hit the sack but what sets this one apart from a lot of the sleeping masks out there? You can sleep with it.

Like most Dior products, the packaging is just on point, and like its name, the mask has a jelly-like consistency. When applied, you may be bothered by the stickiness but the skin will absorb it all after a few minutes. The mask is lightweight but you can feel the effect almost immediately. Skin feels instantly hydrated and more plumped.

For those wondering if this product is suitable for all skin types, the answer is yes.

Besides all the goodness that comes with this jar of jelly sleeping mask, it’s also got a very fresh scent, which we just cannot get enough of! Those with sensitive skin may want to try a small patch on the jawline before applying to the entire face.
The Dior Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask retails at RM350


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