10 Epic Reasons Why Witch Hazel Is Magical AF

What is witch hazel? No, it’s not some fancy-schmancy product. It’s simply a plant-based substance that comes from the leaves and bark of the witch-hazel shrub, also known as Hamamelis Virginiana, which can be found in North America.

Where have you seen it? All over Pinterest, and maybe your grandmother’s bathroom.


One of our contributers is a witch hazel devout. She discovered this multi-purpose product by chance because in her free time, she likes to lurk around pharmacies across town looking for new skincare products. At first, what attracted her to it was the pretty packaging but before she decided to swipe her card, she quickly Googled its benefits. What she read was enough to convince her to purchase a bottle, and life has never been the same since.

Witch Hazel has many surprising uses, which includes:

  1. It’s great solution to treat all your acne, dry skin and soothing dry skin. Our contributer says, “No other toner out there can quite compare.”
  2. It’s the best type of makeup remover because it’s all natural. The last thing you want is more chemicals on your skin.
  3. Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This is a tried-and-true method by one of our mommy contributors. This is done by spraying once a day for a few months, and dilligently so.
  4. It can heal bruises and cuts, thanks to its antibacterial properties.
  5. Do you suffer from puffy eyes? Soak some cotton pad with witch hazel and apply to closed eyes. Allow a few minutes for it to really soak into your skin.
  6. Throw out all your artificial deodorants and spritz some witch hazel to your armpits instead. You can even add some lavender essential oil for a pleasant scent.
  7. Stock a spray bottle of witch hazel in the fridge and treat razor burns or sunburns with it.
  8. Looking for an eco-friendly cleaning agent for your home? Add witch hazel with some baking soda and lemon, and voilà!
  9. Next time you’re planning on going outdoors, carry a bottle of witch hazel with you because it can help treat pesky bug bites and ease the pain of stings.
  10. Suffering from frizzy hair and dry scalp? Yeap, you guessed it. Witch hazel can help! All you gotta do is spritz some on your scalp before going in for a shower, and then wash it out.

There are a lot of witch hazel brands to choose from but most contain more alcohol than actual witch hazel. We highly recommend choosing this brand, which is available at all M+ Pharmacy nationwide.

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