20 Ways To Practice Self Care

Most of us are always so busy with our daily to-do lists that by the end of the day, we’re left feeling exhausted. While it’s important to get things done and reach closer to your goals, it’s also important to have some down-time and just take care of you.

Here are some of the ways you can practice self care:

      1. Designate one weekend for a KonMari session
        Time to sort and purge your home or room once and for all. Wise words from Marie Kondo, “Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.” Purging will leave you feeling lighter.
      2. Light up your favourite candle
        Zen and enjoy!
      3. Take a long, relaxing bath or shower
        This always feel good. SO. GOOD.
      4. Turn your phone off for a few hours
        We are all constantly on our phone but sometimes it’s good to switch off for a bit. Why not do so, literally, and finish that book you’ve been meaning to.
      5. Have a movie marathon
        Pick some movies, make some popcorn and enjoy. This list may help you.
      6. Have a mini pamper session
        You can either put on a mask at home or if you’re in the mood for splurging: go for a 40-minute body massage or even get a facial. Get a haircut if you feel like it – new look, new feel!
      7. Cook your favourite meal
        Nothing more satisfying that cooking up a storm in the kitchen! Plus, you’ll end up with something delicious to eat.
      8. Do something for the first time
        Pierce your ears if you’ve not done it. Do some volunteer work. Anything that’s a first!
      9. Have an early start
        Try getting up early, make breakfast and just enjoy the morning. By doing so, you’re already having the right start to your day.
      10. Read a good book
        If this is something you have been putting off for a while, it’s time to do it!
      11. FaceTime or Google Hangout with your friend or family living overseas.
        Staying in touch with your loved ones are so important. Sometimes text messages are just not enough so if you haven’t spoken to them in a while, video call!
      12. Do something creative
        Join a one-day weekend workshops. Or do your own DIY project at home.
      13. Head off on a spontaneous trip
        What better way to create memories and get lost in an adventure, even if it’s just for a few hours.
      14. Manicure and pedicure session.
        Scrub those feet and clean those cuticles.
      15. Take a nap.
        Cat naps are always relaxing, so why not?
      16. Have a girl’s night out.
        When was the last time you had a real good girls night out? Say it isn’t so. Holla your girls up and time to hit the bars or club! Or even just dinner is good too.
      17. Clean up your social media.
        Our social media needs cleaning from time to time. Unfollow the negative people. Seriously, good vibes only!
      18. Treat yourself to something nice.
        Been wanting a slice of fudgy chocolate cake or a brand new handbag? Buy! Treat yo’self.
      19. Get a plant or flowers for your home.
        A cactus, money plant, any small bouquet of flowers or whatever you may like. Why? Because plants are lovely and they’re also natural air purifiers.
      20. Exercise
        Go for a run or walk. Participate in some sort of exercise or even simple stretches will do.

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