Get Busy: How to Cope With a Partner That Travels For Work


Like millions of people in this world, chances are you or your partner travel for work. And if so, the lonely nights can be a little challenging when the time apart goes on for too long.

Being away from your partner for weeks at a time while they’re traveling for work can really set off an avalanche of emotions so, to cope, here are some things you can do to help time go by faster:

  1. Keep busy – Pack your schedule with things that you normally didn’t get around to when your partner is around. Go to that hot yoga class you’ve been meaning to or meet up with an old colleague.
  2. Pick up a hobby – One of the best ways to keep busy is to pick up a new hobby. Sign up for a pottery class or enrol yourself to learn the French language like you’ve always wanted.
  3. Do things together while apart – One of many ways you can feel closer while separated is to do the things you love doing together. Catch up on your favourite Netflix show and talk about it or go for a morning run at the same time if that’s your cup of tea!
  4. Keep each other updated – We all can get caught up with our busy schedules but commit to a time where you can speak to each other every day. This is a good way stay in the loop.
  5. Use technology – Thanks to the vast range of techonological options, staying in touch with your loved ones while apart is easier than ever. So, use that to your advantage and send each other pictures, Skype and the list goes on!

Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder but it can also be a cause of disruption to your relationship. So, try and implement these tips to feel closer to each other when apart.

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