10 Ways To Comfort A Friend After A Bad Break-Up

Some break-ups are mutual and while others can turn pretty ugly. We all know that love can be cruel sometimes, especiall when things end. Mending a broken heart is not easy feat but with some support from loved ones, it can surely be done.

If you have a friend that’s going through a bad breakup, here are some suggestions on what you can do to be of help!

      1. Have empathy and just listen. You’ll probably end up hearing the same thing over and over again but but don’t turn away. It can be tiresome but allow your BFF to vent it all out.
      2. Encourage your friend to have a cry fest. Nothing starts the healing process like a good tear party!
      3. Let her know that it is ok to embrace the pain and while the pain of it all may suck big time, remind her that you’re there to see her through it. Remember to encourage her!
      4. Plan a girl’s sleepover. Order in some pizza or any kind of comfort food, have a movie marathon with all your fave movies.
      5. Send her reminders in the form of a text, emails with positive quotes, memes or an article that will inspire her to get through the day. Music is always a big help too, why not create a playlist for your friend?
      6. Have a pampering day out. Take you friend out for mani and pedi session, get a new hair do (some feel liberated by getting a haircut after a breakup), go for a movie or do some shopping.
      7. Hit the club or bars and just dance all night long! If possible stay sober but if your friend’s had a few – keep the phone away! No one needs to drunk dial an ex!
      8. Going through a breakup is never ever easy, so remind her that life does go on and that she has to keep herself occupied in order to heal. So, help sign her up to a new fitness class and get that revenge body!
      9. Invite her over to your home and cook her favourite meal! Nothing soothes the soul like a warm meal.
      10. Book a trip! Invite other girlfriends to join in on the fun. Sometimes a change of scene is good for when you need to heal.

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