5 Ways To Transform Your Bad Habits Into An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

ICYMI,  a while back BBC news shared some updated (and honestly, super disturbing) news regarding climate change. It is CRITICAL, folks. Scientists have confirmed that we are facing the impacts of climate change that’s in the form of heavy storms, floods, droughts, and other extreme events. **PANIC MODE!!!!!!**

This “abnormal weather” is not something we should get used to. The global warming temperature will keep rising if we don’t take immediate actions and change the way we live. It is time we should start doing our part little by little to rescue Mother Earth (and yes we can make a difference).

Here are some ways that you can consider adopting towards a more sustainable lifestyle:

Image: Stephanie Pombo from Pexels

Say NO to plastic straws
A few places have banned handing out plastic straws, which is great but there are still a lot of places that still give plastic straws like it’s no big deal. These plastic straws are literally killing turtles, birds and other sea animals. Do the planet a massive favour and purchase your own bamboo or stainless steel straws to carry with you everywhere.

Here are some suggestions: The Hive, Lazada, Shopee

adult-blur-city-85743 (1)
Photo by Tookapic from Pexels

Use reusable tumbler
If you are buying takeaway coffee, avoid using those disposable paper/plastic cups. Bring your own tumbler along and you’ll immediately reduce plastic use.


Image: Ella Olsson from Pexels

Consume less meat and dairy
What we eat is one of the key factors to climate change. By simply cutting down the amount of red meat we consume can help reduce our carbon footprint. Red meat requires more land and produce more greenhouse gases than you may realise. So, start small by going meatless on Mondays and work your way up!


Image: Artem Bali from Pexels

Recycle or donate unwanted items or clothes
Please avoid disposing unwanted items, textiles or clothing into the garbage. Instead, donate them to NGOs that do great work with charities helping the underprivileged.  Don’t contribute to pilling up the landfill with waste, instead help out the community by donating your unwanted goods and they will put them to good use. Also, try to support fashion brands that are ethical and environmentally conscious.


Image: Burst from Pexels

Reduce household energy
Open up your curtaints and blinds, and use as much natural light as possible insread of switching your on lights. If your washing machine has a cold water function, opt for that as it saves energy, plus it’s less harmful to your clothes. Utilize your dryer less and hang your wet clothes on the drying line.

These suggestions are just small and simple ways that should inspire you to start the change. Get your friends and family to join in on your quest to save the planet because we all need to do our part to reverse the damage. 🖤

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