Self-Care: 9 Little But Important Ways To Care For Your Mental Health

Take a look around and you’ll find that the health trend is booming. Every day there is a brand new type of exercise for you to delve into, convenient ways to eat healthy and we are seriously making progress with bringing awareness to mental health issues.

Now, more than ever, we are realising that while it’s of great significance for us to care for our physical well-being, it’s also equally important to take the steps required to care for our mental well-being, if not more.

Since February is the month of love, Buffer has decided to curate a list of easy but beneficial ways of taking care of your mental health:

Get some peace and quiet
Try meditating or breathing exercises for a mere 5 to15 minutes a days, and notice how much calmer you become. Taking some time to quiet your mind during the day can help increase your mental health.

Treat your body right
Believe it or not, your mental health also depends on your physical well-being. So, stay away from drugs (once in a while is still bad for you) and don’t smoke. You only get one body, so treat it the way it deserves.

Eat right
Try your best to eat healthy and whole foods, and make a conscious effort to stay away from “bad sugar” – candies, sweet drinks and etc.

Be choosy with the company keep
Some friends you keep just because you’ve known them since forever but what if they never make the effort? Set dates with friends that make the time to stay in touch with you. Surround yourself with people that will make positive contributions to your life and uplift your spirits.

Get help
If you find your everyday life can get a little overwhelming and can’t seem to get a grip on your emotions, why not sign up to see a therapist. Seeing a professional to help sift through your feelings will be of more help than venting to your friends.

Get good sleep
Lack of sleep is sure to cause your mental health to suffer. So, if you are able to make time for nights out with friends, Netflix and other fun stuff, getting some good sleep should top that list.

Don’t do drugs
We really mean this! Cut that nasty habit of smoking and avoid drugs – not even once in a blue moon. If you’re stressed out, alcohol and drugs are most likely to worsen the problem.

Drink water
Water is everything and we are not even kidding. Everything that’s functioning in your body needs water. 60% of our entire body is made up of water! Drinking plenty of water can improve digestion, circulation, skin and absorption of nutrients, just to name a few.

Take a day off
Recognise when life gets a little overwhelming and allow yourself to switch of from the hustle and bustle. Instead, go out and do something that truly bring joy to your life like go for a quiet walk while listening to some of your favourite songs or sign yourself up for a fun class of zumba.


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