15 Things You Should Do Instead of Texting Him

Image: filmaffinity.com
Image: filmaffinity.com

Before you continue reading, you should know that this article was crafted for all the single girls who are trapped in hook-up culture. If you’re in a stable relationship with a respectable guy, we are very happy you’re no longer playing the dreadful game we all know as dating. And you should probably go back and pick a different article to read.

But if you’re at home, lying in bed, re-reading the last un-read message you sent to the guy you recently hooked-up with and wondering if you should shoot him another ‘hi, how’s it going?’ text, please stop yourself and continue reading.

Put the phone down. Don’t text him.

Instead of thinking of sending him a ridiculous text like ‘hey, do you know where I can find good avocado?’ just so you have an excuse to talk to the guy you know you shouldn’t, do these things:

1. Get on Tinder and message someone else.

2. Get out of bed and go rock climbing because there’s nothing like facing your fear of heights and your embarrassing upper-body strength to keep you preoccupied.

3. Message your parents and tell them you love them. When was the last time you did that?

4. Download Netflix, binge-watch the new season of Narcos and brush up on your Spanish. Comprendé?

5. Put on your lululemons and do squats. Lots of it. A nice and firm ass will make you feel better than a read and ignored Whatsapp message.

6. Pick up a book and read it to the very last chapter. Read any book. Read the dictionary if you must.

7. Go out of your room, get dressed and go shopping. Buy yourself something pretty because you deserve it.

8. Go on a massive cleaning spree. Throwing s**t out is therapeutic.

9. Learn how to cook so when the time comes for you to cook for a man who is worth it, he will be blown away by your culinary skills.

10. Pleasure yourself. Yes, we mean masturbate.

11. Play Pokémon GO.

12. If you don’t already know, memorize and sing the national anthem out loud.

13. Wash your car. If you don’t have one, just go to a parking lot and find one.

14. Watch a documentary about global warming or animal cruelty so you’ll realize just how trivial your guy problem is.

15. Read a Buffer Daily article like this and have a good laugh and finally understand that if a guy is into you and wants to talk to you, he will message you.

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