10 Amazing Things Coconut Oil Can Do For You

Up until recently, we weren’t aware of the countless health and beauty benefits that came with coconut oil. Now that we know, we wanna spread the word so you can get in on it. Here are some of the super cool things that coconut oil can do:

  1. Remove makeup – Forget all the expensive makeup removers that promise you miraculously clean skin. Coconut oil is the best makeup remover in the world and it gives your skin the moisture kick that it needs while you remove the layers of makeup on your face!
  2. Cooking oil – If you’re ever out of butter, you can always use coconut oil as substitute.
  3. Moisturise your body – No lotion can compare moisturise your skin like coconut oil can.
  4. Tame that frizz – Nothing is quite as annoying as frizzy hair or unwanted flyaways, but a pea-sized amount can help control your mane!
  5. Softer locks – Treat your hair with coconut oil by using it as a hair mask. Leave it on for a good 20-3o minutes and then wash off the oil thoroughly. You’ll notice softer almost immediately.
  6. Shave it off – Shaving cream for women are usually a waste of money because not only is it expensive, it also doesn’t work all that well. For those of you who have been using conditioner, you might want to know that coconut does a way better job. Your skin will also be unbelievably soft and smooth after!
  7. Hand cream – If you wash the dishes a lot at home, you will often find that your hands will get a bit rough after a while. So, instead of slathering hand cream, use a small amount to moisturise your hands and nourish it back to life!
  8. Beautiful cuticles – Doing a mani pedi at home? Use coconut oil to treat your cuticles.
  9. Stop split ends – If want to save your hair from split ends, use a small amount before bed and let it do its magic!
  10. Treat your cold – Got a pesky cold coming? Mix a teaspoon of coconut oil with your tea. Best home remedy ever!

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