Getting Inked: Honest Things No One Ever Tells You

One of my favourite pastimes of late has got to be oggling at people with tattoos. I love how interesting some of these designs that are permanently inked onto the bodies can be. While most may not have any profound meaning, there are some that do, and I’m always so intrigued as to what tales they tell.

Getting a tattoo has become somewhat common now but it’s still not a small matter. I had my first tattoo at the tender age of 19, and if someone asks if I regret any of my them, I would always say no. But there is one particular one that actually do wish I never got. It’s not ugly but it wasn’t something I wanted, which is a cluster of butterfly. I know, super original and unique, right? The only reason for my getting it was because my boyfriend at the time was getting one. Stupid? Yes.

So, when it comes to getting tattoos, I wish my tattoo-claded father would have told me these things:

Know what you want – When getting a tattoo, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want. Keep telling yourself that whatever design it is you’re about to get inked on you will be there for life. Forever. Don’t rely on the tattoo artist completely on what you should have done. They are there to help you bring your ideas to life, not come up with it for you.

Research your artist – A lot of people like to go to different tattoo artist for different types of artwork but not me. I think the artwork is less important than finding a tattoo that you vibe well with. I feel like most tattoo artists are capable of churning out any style and what’s most important if you get each other.

Prepare yourself for the pain – Ya’ know those people that tell you it didn’t hurt getting a tattoo? Yeah, there’s a special place in hell for them because tattoos hurt. A lot.

Don’t get your partner’s name – Just don’t.  It’ll be a very short road to destination regret.

Take your time to decide – You might feel very strongly about a particular design right now but chances are you may regret it later. So, don’t rush into it and give the design a really long time to think about.

Size matters – Don’t get something too small just because you’re terrified of the pain. This thing is permanent, so get what you really want regardless of how big it may be.

Double check – If you’re going to get something that’s in a different language, you may want to verify before permanently inking it on your body. That Chinese character you thought meant “faith” could actually be “egg”.

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