THINGS WE LOVE: Cosmetic Warrior by Lush

I’ve tried my fair share of spot-fighting products, and this mask has been there for me through thick and thin. I have gone through more than 10 pots of the stuff (and counting!) because it freaking works – this is one of my holy grail products.

Cosmetic Warrior is a fresh face mask that does wonders for troubled skin. The garlic, green grapes, honey, and tea tree all work together to give your face a deep clean and draw out all the gunk hiding in your pores. Its creamy texture soothes the skin, calming any angry redness, and leaves skin feeling super soft after use.

You can use it two ways: either as a spot treatment for concentrated areas, or all over the face for an overall refresh. There is a strong smell with this mask (personally I don’t really notice it) but as one fellow reviewer said: “Don’t use this as a beauty product, use this as a product that will work!”

Another added bonus is Lush’s policies and ethics. They only use all-natural ingredients, have an ethical buying policy, and doesn’t test on animals – so your conscience can be as clean as your face.

+ Reduces acne and redness
+ Feels cool and refreshing
+ Doesn’t dry out the skin

– The smell isn’t the best
– The pots are on the small side

Get the Cosmetic Warrior at Lush Malaysia located in Pavilion KL or find out more online.

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