5 Signs You’re Emotionally and Mentally Drained

Sometimes life can get a bit overwhelming and more than often you’ll find yourself being affected by the rollercoaster ride. The constant ups and downs has a powerful way of taking a toll on your emotional and mental well-being, which is why it’s important to recognize when you’ve had enough and just stop to rest.

Below are some telltale signs that you’re probably suffering from a burnout and that it’s hightime you take a much needed rest to just do you.

  1. You’re feeling demotivated – Maybe your drive to do pretty much anything is non-existent or you just don’t feel up to doing anything. If you take a break and just do something that really relaxes you, you’ll find yourself armed with the drive to take on life again.
  2. You can’t sleep – One of the many affects of exhaustion is having trouble getting some good sleep. You find your mind constantly on overdrive with things that needs doing. Practice some meditation to help calm your mind.
  3. You get upset easily – Increased sensitivity means even the littlest things can set you off. It’s important to rest and recuperate instead of letting yourself suffer.
  4. You’re getting antisocial – If you find yourself uninterested in participating in any social event, it’s time to take a vacation or start doing yoga (or any form of exercise that you enjoy) to reset. Then slowly accept invitations to socialise and you’ll even find yourself not dreading to be around people
  5. You get anxiety attacks – Being exhausted can lead to an overwhelming amount of stress, so you might find yourself having anxiety attacks. Don’t worry, just make time to recenter your mind and emotions.

Quick advice: Switch off your phone, and take some much needed alone time! Before you know it, you’ll find yourself ready to take life by the balls.



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