5 Bathroom Counter Essentials

Being a woman is tough because not only do we have to deal with a lot more than men do, we also need a lot more products and to keep our skin looking its best, we need more than just a bottle of skin cleanser.

Here are five bathroom essentials we should all have on our counter this brand new year:

Image: sosoftbrands.com

1. Coconut Oil
There is so much you can do with coconut oil – give your mouth a deep cleanse, remove makeup, moisturise your face, treatment and the list goes on. But our absolute favourite? Smothering our faces with a layer of coconut oil before going to bed.

Image: RedMart.com

2. Baby Wipes
You don’t need to have babies to buy baby wipes. Made for little sensitive baby bottoms, these wipes are perfect for your face. You can remove your makeup with the wipes, or just give your face a quick and hassle-free cleanse if you’re feeling lazy.

Image: Birchbox
Image: Birchbox

3. Face Mask
If you love your skin, we highly suggest having a tub of facemask on standby. Our pick would be the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque by Kiehl’s. No other face mask will brighten your skin and give it life as fast as this one will. Be warned that it can create quite a mess but the wonders it will do to your skin will make it all worth the while.

Image: Boots
Image: Boots

4. Micellar Water
If you’re not already on the train of Micellar Water then we suggest you. Get. On. It! Packed with Vitamin B3 and C, this Micellar Water by Simple is gentle on the skin and makes it the perfect product to use for those lazy nights. It removes makeup (even waterproof mascaras) and cleans your face. All you gotta do is apply to the face with cotton pads! Easy-peasy!

Image: The Body Shop
Image: The Body Shop

5. Face Mist
Give your face a quick spritz with The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist and refresh your skin immediately. We highly suggesting spraying before your skincare routine but you can also take it with you and give your skin a little rejuvenation on the go!

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