Tried and Tested: Glossier invisible shield daily sunscreen+

Okay, call me crazy or uninformed but I didn’t realise until like, three years ago that sunscreen is not only to be applied when on a beach holiday. Yeah, guys! For those who didn’t know, there is such thing as every day sunscreen. This of course makes total sense because the UV rays is not only harmful to your skin when you’re on vacay, it’s everyday!

I have a love-hate relationship with sunscreen because they do such an amazing job at protecting my skin but at the same time, my face resembles that of a frying pan. In countries with cooler climate they call it “the dewy look”, over here in Malaysia it’s called, “the ewwy look.”

Anyway, after trying bottles and bottles of sunscreen, I have finally found “the one”. Y’all, I’m a firm believer in spreading the word about skincare that does the job and worth every penny, and the Glossier Invisible shield daily sunscreen+ is exactly that! Here’s why you should get excited about using sun protection every day:

  1. It’s not chalky – One of the (many) common woes brown girls, like myself, find extremely annoying about sunscreen is that it leaves a white cast. The Glossier Invisible shield daily sunscreen+ doesn’t do that, thanks to its water-gel formula.
  2. It absorbs quick – Convenient TBH because who has the time to sit around waiting for a skincare product to do its job!
  3. It’s not greasy – Though may I suggest those with oily skin to dab on some finishing powder after.
  4. It offers SPF 35 –  You can rest assure knowing that your face is completely protected from harmful pollution and UVA/UVB rays.
  5. It’s the perfect size – Small enough to fit in your travel backpack or your handbag!


What’s inside?
Made from all the good stuff like Active Microcapsiles, which are little spheres that are packed with UVA/UVB filters; H20 – The formula has no drying alcohol or thick and greasy ingredients but instead a watergel formula that helps absorb into the skin quickly; Neutralizes free radicals with a powerful blend of Vitamin E, Vitamin P, Broccoli, and Aloe Leaf extracts; Protection against everyday pollution is prevented from entering the skin with Fermented Yeast and Vegetal Extract.

Does it smell like your average sunscreen?
No, but that is a good thing because who wants to smell like they belong in a chlorinated pool all day? When it comes to beauty products, I’m all for the scent. The Sweet Orange Peel Oil ingredient in the formula helps give a pleasantly fresh and citrusy smell.


Is it expensive?
It’s a little pricey (no) thanks to the ridiculous exchange rates at the moment but it’s really worth your hard-earned money.

Final verdict:
The Glossier Invisible shield daily sunscreen+ is light, which is what you want in an everyday sunscreen. Sure, it would have been a far superior product had it been SPF50 but I’m impressed with how comfortably it sits on my skin, and anything that looks this good under makeup is a major win.

Cop your Glossier Invisible shield daily sunscreen+ from here.

** We’d like to note that Glossier currently doesn’t ship to Malaysia.


4 thoughts on “Tried and Tested: Glossier invisible shield daily sunscreen+

  1. I’d been wanting to try this! I need to get in the habit of wearing SPF on an everyday basis but sometimes it is too slippery under makeup so it gets annoying. I’m glad you mentioned that it works well under makeup!!

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