4 Adventurous Date Ideas in Kuala Lumpur


The quentessential date night usually involves dinner and a movie but if you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone and do something that involves some adrenaline, well we’ve got some ideas for you. Science says that by participating in an adrenaline-pumping activity with someone, it can help create a bond. So, doesn’t matter if it’s the first few dates or your tenth anniversary – why not skip the typical and opt for something exciting. Don’t worry, we’ll leave cage diving with sharks out of the list but these suggestions below will allow for some fun!

1) Paint-balling – Gather some of your (combined) friends and turn this date into a scene from Failure to Launch. Running around together to avoid being shot will really give you a chance to get to know your date/partner better! Sure, you may end up with bruises at the end of it but everyone involved with have a thrilling time.
Where: Xtion Paintball Park, National Sports Complex at Bukit Jalil.
Website: xtionpaintball.wordpress.com

2) Rock Climbing – One of the most fun things you can do with your date or significant other is rock climbing as it really sets a foundation of trust through belaying one another. At Camp 5, you won’t be sweating cobs because the entire joint is airconditioned and there are plenty of challenges to choose from.
Where: Camp 5 Climbing Gym at 1 Utama, Bandar Utama.
Website: www.camp5.com

3) Obstacle Course – Take your pick from different level; beginners, intermediate and extreme. This literal jungle gym will have your screaming with excitement (or fear, if you’re me) and get both your hearts pumping. What better way to spend the day with your date than toughing it up and completing obstacles together?
Where: SkyTrex Adventure Park, Shah Alam
Website: www.skytrex-adventure.com

4) Riding ATV – Doesn’t matter if you’re not the outdoorsy type because once you’re on these awesome vehicles, you will be! The terrain can get pretty challenging but you and your date are not up to anything too crazy, perhaps choose the shorter trails. Every route will lead you to a breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur, waterfall or a lake.
Where: ATV Adventure Park at Kampung Kemensah, Hulu Kelang, Kuala Lumpur.
Website: www.atvadventurepark.com

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