5 Halal Cosmetics Brand You Need To Know About

The Halal market has grown exponentially in the last few years and is on its way to becoming mainstream in the beauty world, if not already. Once confused as only for those who practiced Islam, Halal makeup and skincare is actually for everyone, no matter their religion because people are caring a hell of a lot about the ingredients that go into their beauty products.

What is Halal beauty though? Halal is the Arabic word that means permissible. The beauty or skincare products that only contain ingredients that are acceptable to Islamic Law. This includes the packaging as well. The Halal beauty products are almost compatible to vegan, guilt-free and cruelty-free cosmetics.

Here are 5 Halal cosmetics brand you need to know about and give it a try:


Polished By SAMA SAMA

Image: Polished by Sama Sama

Polished by Sama Sama started from Sama Sama Spa, which is nestled in Bukit Jelutong, Malaysia. The brand has a large range of colours and they are all toxic-free, cruelty-free, a breathable formula, vegan-friendly, all to keep your nails healthy. In an effort to cater and accomodate to customers’ religious beliefs, the nail polish range is totally Wudu-friendly. Affordable, halal and sure to have your nails looking chic, Polished by Sama Sama is definitely on our list of fave halal brands.

Website: www.polishedbysamasama.com


Orkid Cosmetics

Image: Lava from Orkid Cosmetics

We cannot get enough of Orkid Cosmetics mainly because how straight-forward and personal the products come across to buyers. We love how their mission is as simple as to provide beautiful lip kits that are halal, vegan and cruelty-free for those women who are conscious, especially concerning their beauty products. Made with high quality ingredients that are imported from Japan and Europe, their best-sellers matte lipsticks are Dime, LUV, Vibes, LAVA, Blush, Mars, Turnt and Deja Vu. Individual lip colours are sold at an affordable price of RM45, while the bundles are priced at RM85. What. A. Steal!
Affordable pricing selling at RM45 and the bundles are at RM85.

Website: https://www.orkidcosmetics.com/.


dUCk Cosmetics

Image: dUCk Cosmetics

You may be be familiar with the famous dUCk Cosmetics, which is under The dUCk Group that was founded by local celebrity Vivy Yusof. Their products are great for almost everyday wear and offers a great range of 100% halal products including eye palettes, lip sticks and gloss, face powder, makeup remover, bath and body, makeup tools and hair products. 

Websites: https://www.fashionvalet.com/ or https://www.sephora.my/.



Image: Cek Molek Molek from PrettySuci

Another popular brand besides dUCk Cosmetics that is 100% Halal cosmetics is none other than Prettysuci. Run by Tunku Dato’ Kaiyisah Kamil Ikram and Natasha Mohammad Ozeir, Prettysuci is Malaysia’s first Halal beauty portal that carries out other Halal cosmetic products from around the world such as Kester Black, SO.LEK, Lemia, Bareface and many more. Prettysuci also collaborated with Sephora releasing an exclusive range of beauty products.

Visit https://www.prettysuci.com/.


Sorfina Hal

Image: Sorfina Hal Brand

Sorfina Hal’s cosmetics formulation in the brand’s makeup collection contains more than 70% organic ingredients, and are made from an average of 95% natural ingredients. Sorfina Hal currently has three series: PURE, PLUSH and PERMISSIBLE which reflects on the company’s beliefs. The PURE series comes in six different lipcream matte shades. The newly released PERMISSIBLE series comes in five different matte and creamy lip shades. The PLUSH series will be launching really soon.

Visit https://www.sorfinahal.com/.

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