5 Ways To Have Better Sleep

Sleep is definitely one of life’s priceless luxuries when you’re an adult. While a good sleep is what everyone needs, it’s definitely not something that’s easy to achieve. This is sometimes due to work, stress or even…Netflix. If you find yourself tossing and turning at night and getting very poor quality sleep, we may have some remedies that could assist you in getting a good night’s sleep.

To avoid sleep deprivation and getting adequate rest, try these:

THIS WORKS (Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray)
This spray just does it for me, especially when I need to relax because it really does put me in a deep sleep.

All you need to do is just shake the bottle and then spray it on your pillow. What you realise is that your pillow linen releases a gentle lavender and chamomile scent which is calming. For some people, this works so well that it puts some to sleep right away. If not, it definitely helps to relax and calm you down. This is definitely one of the best forms of aromatherapies.



This Works (Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray) bottle is priced at RM158 which is pretty steep but you could also check out This Works (Deep Sleep Pillow Spray) which is priced at RM99. Product is available at Sephora.

P/S: This could also be a really good present for a friend!

Easy Stretches Before Sleep
Not talking about vigorous stretches but low-impact, gentle stretching in the evening can help with better sleep. Think of it as doing yoga while wearing your pjs. A friend shared the idea with me and i thought it would be good to give it a try. So, I have found five different form of stretches  and few more which I’ve picked up from yoga classes. Results? A quick 20-30 minutes stretches every evening has made me feel more relaxed and ready to dive into bed.

open-lizardImage: POPSUGAR Photography / Louisa Larson


Non-Caffeinated Tea
Enjoy a relaxing moment on the sofa in the evening with a cup of tea (if you like tea). If you’ve had a long stressful day, coming home and just enjoying a cup of tea is pretty relaxing itself. Every now and then, I enjoy a good cup of caffeinated free tea in the evening while reading a book in bed. Here are few suggestions which you can check out in your local stores:

  • OSK Japanese Green Tea
  • YOGI TEAS – Bedtime Tea (available at BMS Organics)
  • Twinings – Camomile, Honey & Vanilla, Lemon & Ginger, Pure Camomile, Pure Peppermint
  • T2 – Lemongrass and Ginger Teabag (outlet in Publika)


My personal favourites are Twinings’ Lemon & Ginger, Pure Peppermint and OSK Japanese Green Tea which I love the taste of the tea, plus the prices are pretty reasonable.

Tip: If you’re having Twinings’ Lemon & Ginger, add honey in to it. It taste so soothing and great!

Silk Bedding
A friend recently shared this with me as she said purchasing silk bedding was the best decision ever! Sleeping on the silk bedding is beneficial for you and for your health.
Such as it is good for allergies sufferers (as silk is naturally hypoallergenic), it keeps you cool as it helps to turn down the heat and keeps you hydrated.

4b37bff52c48d7d8e786218c3abfc7d1Image: Pinterest

It does sound like a luxury but there are some brands which are pretty affordable (keep a look out in department stores like Aeon and Parkson) with mark down prices. If you are lucky you could buy it for RM100++ or less. You can explore brands like Akemi or Jean Pierre. Once you get the sheets, you may not want to get out of your bed. Ever.

Essential Oil Diffuser
Aromatherapy is one of the best forms of therapy. It brings out a soothing and relaxing bit to your life. It helps eliminate stress and calms you. One to two hours before your bed time, make your room conditions cool, dark (warm lights) and quiet. Next, switch on your diffuser and relax away on your bed.

Our editor’s favourite essential oil diffuser is Young Living Essential Oils. She had mentioned that she finds it very hard to fall asleep and she started using Lavender essential oil on the diffuser and she found herself in a deep sleep!

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 2.31.28 PMImage: Muji

Although Young Living Essential Oils is on a steeper price, you may also explore Muji’s Aroma Diffuser which is priced at RM229 – RM349. Or if you have an oil burner, you may want to try Aesop’s Anouk Oil Burner Blend essential oil which diffuses floral and citrus smell priced around RM130.



A Beginner’s Guide To Podcast

Here’s the thing, I was never really into podcasts till beginning of this year. I’m a full-time mother who’s constantly on the go and I just want to keep myself up to date on many things! I still like to feel relevant. I can tune into radio stations but I hate long commercials.

Anyway, it was just a thought combined with an influence from a friend who shared a few recommendations with me. I started listening to Serial (season 1) and I was hooked! From time to time, I’ll just explore and listen to many others to narrow down what I find interesting. It’s very similar to what music genre you like, you need to explore to figure out what you prefer best because not all podcasts are the same.

Now, if you’re thinking about it and have no clue where to start, let’s begin by opening up your Podcast app (the other perfect one would be Overcast app for iPhones; Android users may try Podcast Addict). Follow by typing in the names which I’ll be suggesting below into the search bar.

Here’s a line-up for you to kickstart your podcast journey!

  1. Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso
    You may or may not be familiar with this name. Sophia Amoruso founded Nasty Gal (a women’s fashion retailer) and Netflix did a series based on #Girlboss, which is Sophia’s best-selling memoir of her life. In Girlboss radio, Sophia interviews women bosses who’ve made success, asking them about their past, how their businesses started and how it’s grown in their career life. Very inspirational!
  2. Strong Opinions Loosely Held 
    This audio podcast is by Refinery29 and is hosted by Elisa Kreisinger. The podcast discusses on today’s modern culture, feminism, talking to other women in the show to broaden perspective and sharing strong opinions. The first episode she kicked off with the Kardashians was very entertaining, insightful and well-spoken!
    For all the beauty lovers, this is definitely a must for us! This audio podcast is hosted by two well-known editors – Jessica Matlin (TeenVogue) & Jennifer Goldstein (Marie Claire). From famous influencers to your favourite makeup artist experts, they interview and receive advice from well-known figures, discuss whats in rend and share beauty tips. Absolutely fun and just love it!
  4. My Dad Wrote A Porno
    This is one of the best podcasts out there. If you need some humour in your life, this is definitely a must listen to. This is hosted by Jamie Morton together with two other friends James Cooper and Alice Levine. Jamie Morton reads out new chapters of erotic fiction novels “Belinda  Blinked” which was written by his father. They talk about the moments of the chapter and also have invited celebrities to talk about it, like Elijah Wood, Michael Sheen and Daisy Ridley.
  5. Anna Faris is Unqualified
    image (1).jpg
    Hosted and created by comedian actress Anna Faris where she was inspired to create the podcast after listening to Serial! Her podcast is pretty easy to listen to. She does interviews with celebrities and personal phone calls to listeners, chatting to them about relationships and dating. If you’ve been a fan of Anna Faris, give this a go!

IN MY BAG – Jo’s Favourite Drugstore Products

Whenever time allows for it, I like to roam the aisles in drug stores and without fail, I’ll always walk out with at least one item! I know, I am terrible! But unfortunately it’s my thing! I’m currently obsessed with travel-sized items because I love trying out new things and I don’t really want to waste the products, in case I don’t quite fancy them. But let me share with you the drugstore products that are in my bag at the moment:

MAYBELLINE – Volum’ Express Hypercurl Mascara
Maybelline is well-known for their reasonably priced mascaras that give lashes the volume it needs. My current favourite is their waterproof Hypercurl Mascara. Thanks to its formula, the mascara helps lengthen my short lashes while making it appear curly and full of volume.


BOURJOIS – Little Round Pot Blushes 41 Healthy Mix
I have been carrying this little blusher with me for a while now. I love how it’s so compact and light, therefore taking very little space in my handbag. This blusher allows for me to touch up while I’m on the go, and gives me a naturally blushed look because it’s not that heavily pigmented. Plus this Little Round Pot comes with a teeny-tiny mirror.


VASELINE – Intensive care (deep restore) Lotion
Personally a big fan of most Vaseline products and yes it is a must that I carry the travel-sized lotion with me wherever I go. My wrinkly hands gets really dry at times (especially if I’m in air-conditioned rooms) and this little bottle of lotion gives my hand the rescue it needs. The formula is also non-greasy, which is a major plus.


SIMPLE – Kind to Skin Cleaning Facial Wipes
I cannot even begin to describe how important it is for these wipes to be in my bag. My love affair with this particular wipes started when I was 17, and I’m still using it to this day. It’s kind to the skin, and has helped in several occasions. Perfect tool to have if you’re travelling or having a sleepover and find yourself without a cleanser.


Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer
This illuminating wand concealer is so lightweight! It has a soft bristle brush at the end and all I need to do is twist the other end; little bit of the concealer will appear on the brush and just conceal the problematic areas. It is quick and easy with zero mess at all. Coverage is great and perfect to have in the bag for reapplication.


**All products can be purchased in Watsons and Guardian. Except for Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer can be purchased on Lazada.**


6 Things You Can Do To Celebrate Malaysia Day

Malaysia Day is coming up next and if you have no plans yet, don’t worry  because we have few ideas to suggest. All these activities will allow you a great weekend with family, friends, or even time on your own.

A staycation at Taman Sari

If you are up for a short getaway but looking for somewhere that’s not too far from Klang Valley, and you don’t mind spending some quiet time with nature then Taman Sari is the place for you. Taman Sari is located at Batu 18 Hulu Langat (nearer to Ampang). This is place is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a quiet retreat to recharge and have a relaxing Malaysia Day celebration!

Picnic at Taman Rimba Kiara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

If the weather isn’t boiling hot or if it’s not pouring down, why not have a picnic session with a group of friends or your family! Make it an outdoor potluck gathering, take some Instagram-worthy pictures and if you have kids this will be great place for them to run around and just have some fun! Taman Rimba Kiara boasts plenty of big trees so you’re able to find a shady area for sure to set up your picnic!

Road trip to Sekinchan Paddy Fields

Another thing you could do is organise a day trip to Sekinchan, which is located in Kuala Selangor. Depending on where in Klang Valley you’re coming from, the commute shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half. There’s plenty to do like visit the paddy fields, paddy factory and the paddy museum. You can also enjoy the wide variety of seafood and indulge in some coconut shake too.

Escapade to Sekeping Serendah

周末充电 – Weekend Trip 好爱这里的环境 完全与世隔绝 完全opening air的居住环境 (没aircorn没wifi连电话也没service) 下午的时候比较热 晚上睡觉的时间很凉快 房间也是完全opening air的 只有蚊帐围绕着 时不时会有飞虫黏在蚊帐外面 可不用担心它们进不了来 泳池的水是直接从附近的瀑布流过来的 非常干净和凉爽 泳池的四周都是森林围绕着 早上起来只听见虫鸣声 没有烦人的车声 好舒服 厕所非常舒服 保留了旧时的水龙头和🚿 I love my short trip …………………………. #weekend #shorttrip #rawang #sekepingserendah #nature #relax #comfortable #smile #happy #enjoyed #photography #cspicture #travel

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All you need for this trip is to pack your clothes (include swimwear), toiletries, food for a barbecue, board games or cards, bluetooth speaker (for your Spotify playlist) and some good company. Sekeping Serendah will be the perfect getaway from the city. There’s also outdoor activities such as jungle treks, visit to the Orang Asli villages, and enjoying the waterfalls.

Go for an ATV ride

Feel like doing something adventurous and don’t mind getting a little muddy? Then ATV ride sounds like the perfect thing for you! ATV Fun Adventure Park is located in Kg. Kemensah, Hulu Kelang and they offer different ranges of terrains for riders. For beginners, you can just book for one to one and a half hour ride to the waterfalls or if you wish to do longer hour and more challenging route, you can opt for the 3-4 hours ride. They are opened on Monday to Sunday (pls refer to their website for further details) and require advance booking.

Check out new brunch cafés

Make advanced reservations to some brunch cafés that you’ve never been to or catch up with friends over some delicious meals! Below are a few cafés that’s recently seen on Instagram and worth checking out: