5 Ways To Have Better Sleep

Sleep is definitely one of life’s priceless luxuries when you’re an adult. While a good sleep is what everyone needs, it’s definitely not something that’s easy to achieve. This is sometimes due to work, stress or even…Netflix. If you find yourself tossing and turning at night and getting very poor quality sleep, we may have some remedies that could assist you in getting a good night’s sleep.

To avoid sleep deprivation and getting adequate rest, try these:

THIS WORKS (Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray)
This spray just does it for me, especially when I need to relax because it really does put me in a deep sleep.

All you need to do is just shake the bottle and then spray it on your pillow. What you realise is that your pillow linen releases a gentle lavender and chamomile scent which is calming. For some people, this works so well that it puts some to sleep right away. If not, it definitely helps to relax and calm you down. This is definitely one of the best forms of aromatherapies.



This Works (Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray) bottle is priced at RM158 which is pretty steep but you could also check out This Works (Deep Sleep Pillow Spray) which is priced at RM99. Product is available at Sephora.

P/S: This could also be a really good present for a friend!

Easy Stretches Before Sleep
Not talking about vigorous stretches but low-impact, gentle stretching in the evening can help with better sleep. Think of it as doing yoga while wearing your pjs. A friend shared the idea with me and i thought it would be good to give it a try. So, I have found five different form of stretches  and few more which I’ve picked up from yoga classes. Results? A quick 20-30 minutes stretches every evening has made me feel more relaxed and ready to dive into bed.

open-lizardImage: POPSUGAR Photography / Louisa Larson


Non-Caffeinated Tea
Enjoy a relaxing moment on the sofa in the evening with a cup of tea (if you like tea). If you’ve had a long stressful day, coming home and just enjoying a cup of tea is pretty relaxing itself. Every now and then, I enjoy a good cup of caffeinated free tea in the evening while reading a book in bed. Here are few suggestions which you can check out in your local stores:

  • OSK Japanese Green Tea
  • YOGI TEAS – Bedtime Tea (available at BMS Organics)
  • Twinings – Camomile, Honey & Vanilla, Lemon & Ginger, Pure Camomile, Pure Peppermint
  • T2 – Lemongrass and Ginger Teabag (outlet in Publika)


My personal favourites are Twinings’ Lemon & Ginger, Pure Peppermint and OSK Japanese Green Tea which I love the taste of the tea, plus the prices are pretty reasonable.

Tip: If you’re having Twinings’ Lemon & Ginger, add honey in to it. It taste so soothing and great!

Silk Bedding
A friend recently shared this with me as she said purchasing silk bedding was the best decision ever! Sleeping on the silk bedding is beneficial for you and for your health.
Such as it is good for allergies sufferers (as silk is naturally hypoallergenic), it keeps you cool as it helps to turn down the heat and keeps you hydrated.

4b37bff52c48d7d8e786218c3abfc7d1Image: Pinterest

It does sound like a luxury but there are some brands which are pretty affordable (keep a look out in department stores like Aeon and Parkson) with mark down prices. If you are lucky you could buy it for RM100++ or less. You can explore brands like Akemi or Jean Pierre. Once you get the sheets, you may not want to get out of your bed. Ever.

Essential Oil Diffuser
Aromatherapy is one of the best forms of therapy. It brings out a soothing and relaxing bit to your life. It helps eliminate stress and calms you. One to two hours before your bed time, make your room conditions cool, dark (warm lights) and quiet. Next, switch on your diffuser and relax away on your bed.

Our editor’s favourite essential oil diffuser is Young Living Essential Oils. She had mentioned that she finds it very hard to fall asleep and she started using Lavender essential oil on the diffuser and she found herself in a deep sleep!

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 2.31.28 PMImage: Muji

Although Young Living Essential Oils is on a steeper price, you may also explore Muji’s Aroma Diffuser which is priced at RM229 – RM349. Or if you have an oil burner, you may want to try Aesop’s Anouk Oil Burner Blend essential oil which diffuses floral and citrus smell priced around RM130.



EDITOR’S PICK: Young Living Essential Oils

Let’s take a moment to talk about essential oils. If you don’t already know, essential oils is all the craze at the moment and for a good reason too. Having been around for many, many years, essential oils provide natural cosmetic and health benefits.

What is essential oils: Natural oil (that’s not really oil but concentrated components) that’s been distilled and extracted from a plant or other source.

Why it’s good for you: We all know the power of scent, and how a certain smell like lavender can bring comfort and relaxation to our minds and bodies. With essential oils, the smell goes far beyond than just a pleasent smell.


Thanks to Young Living, we were able to experience the advantages that comes with using essential oils in our lives, and here’s what our editor has to share:

“Each bottle of essential oil comes with its own purpose and the best way to familiarize yourself would be to read a book about therapeutic aromatherapy, which is what I did. After educating myself, I realised that there are so many ways essential oils could help me with my health. 


Stress Away – When I opened the box, I was particularly interested in the little green bottle that had Stress Away printed on it. I mean, who wouldn’t be interested? Boasting a very sweet and citrusy scent, the Stress Away essential oil is meant to help you relax. Some may be skeptical but in my own experience I found that I was a lot calmer after applying Stress Away on my wrists and the back of my neck. The little bottle makes it travel-friendly, which means comfort can be on-the-go.


Lavender – With so many things on my mind, I sometimes find it very hard to fall asleep and when I do, the sleep is often not a good one. Many have talked about the effects Lavender essential oil has when it concerns sleeping, so I gave it a go but this time using the diffuser. Not only did my room smell great but I found myself in a deep sleep that night, which is why I make sure to diffuse every night before heading to bed.


Digize – This exotic blend of essential oils has a more spicy note to it and I’ve learn that rich and calming scent is perfect to diffuse at the end of each day. So, if you’re looking to wind down after a busy day at the office, I highly suggest diffusing this.


Peppermint – When it comes to the Peppermint essential oil, it’s not just about a refreshing scent that is to be diffused to uplift your spirits. If you feel a cold coming on, drop a few into your diffuser and you’ll find that the smell will unclog your sinus in no time. 


Thieves – Being prone to tonsillitis sucks because you’re overcome with a sore throat so painful that you can hardly speak. That was until I discovered Thieves, which I tend to diffuse when I can detect that scratchy feeling in my throat before a full blown tonsillitis infection. You’ll be amazed at how it really does help and that’s probably because Thieves is an antibacterial blend. I also love to diffuse some Thieves if a few times a week, just to clean the air in my home.

So far, I’ve only been able to try out these five essential oils but I look forward to using the rest, so keep your eyes peeled for another essential oil review!

And if you’re wondering if it’s worth your time and money to invest in an essential oils starter pack then the answer is yes. More than just cute bottles with scented oil in them, essential oils can really have a positive effect on your general well-being.”

For more on Young Living, check out their website.